When applying for a loan, we hope that the money the bank will lend us will be available to us as soon as possible. And this is not all formalities related to the loan, but the possibility of using the money after a positive credit decision. However, this time is different and depends on many factors.

First of all, we must realize that some banks allow us to collect money in the form of cash and transfer to the indicated account. If we ask for cash, first of all we need to check whether the bank will not pay the commission on the payment, and secondly, whether the payment does not have to be reported earlier – especially when we borrow larger amounts. Usually, however, we can get the money from the stock, so it is a quick way to start the loan. What does the transfer case look like? A lot depends on the bank where we take out the loan. If the bank in which we have the bill, the money can reach us even within a dozen or so minutes. It is simply an internal transfer, which is posted straight away. The transfer will take a little longer if we have an account with another bank. In this case, the bank orders the payment of money as an Elixir transfer, so a lot will depend on the moment when the transfer will be ordered. When in the afternoon, then the money will be at our disposal until the next day. Recently, banks can make quick transfers, which are almost immediately posted on the recipient’s account, but it is possible that they will be charged for such transfers. So we need to find out how this situation looks before the transfer will be made.


The issue of withdrawal of funds in the case of a mortgage loan looks slightly different. When we sign a loan agreement, we will not get the money until credit security is established. This is mainly about the entry to the mortgage (it takes several days) or the assignment of an insurance policy (this can be done within a few hours). Only when the bank has all the collateral, will it launch our money for payment. It may happen, however, that we will not get the whole sum at once. This particularly applies to loans for building a house. Money can then be received in tranches, after settlement of the previous one. Of course, everything must be included in the loan agreement.

We will get several factors deciding whether the money from the loan will be quickly or slightly slower. The type of loan, the amount to be paid or even the time of signing the loan agreement. Therefore, before we sign a loan agreement, let’s find out how the money is paid and after what time we will have it at our disposal.