When we buy a plane ticket, we never really think about whether our plane will start at the right time, whether it will be postponed, etc. We just assume that everything will be as planned and we will land at the destination set up by the carrier. However, there are various situations in life, including airports. It happens so that the plane we are about to fly is delayed, and it may also happen that it will be canceled. Then what? What rights do we have?

Passengers whose flights have been canceled or are delayed may apply for various types of benefits. We include here the possibility of refunding money spent on a ticket or the right to apply for a ticket on an alternative route. Such a ticket may also be offered to us by the carrier itself, but we must agree to such a change. We can also apply for compensation, up to a maximum of EUR 600 (this amount depends on the length of the flight). We can apply for this money when the fault for the canceled or shifted flight lies with the carrier. In accordance with European Union directives, such compensation is due if:

  • the flight was canceled less than 14 days before the planned trip,
  • flight delay at the destination airport was greater than 3 hours,
  • the plane ran out of space for us despite having a ticket (so-called overbooking),

Importantly, according to recent EU guidelines, passengers are also entitled to compensation if delays or cancellations of flights are related to the strike of airline employees.

We must also remember that certain privileges are granted to us when the plane is delayed over 2 hours. We have the right to:

We must also remember that certain privileges are granted to us when the plane is delayed over 2 hours. We have the right to:

  • free meals and drinks,
  • accommodation in hotels,
  • transport on the route airport – hotel,
  • the ability to communicate,
  • information about the current situation related to the flight

You need to know that for airlines, “caring” over passengers in connection with a delayed or canceled flight is a considerable cost. Therefore, despite the fact that they should come out with the initiative related to the compensation for customers, they often do not. That is why it is worth collecting all bills or receipts we will get from stores or hotels, etc. We will then have the grounds to recover our money from airlines and obtain compensation.

Certainly a delayed or canceled flight may make our plans have to be changed. That is why it is worth knowing your rights so that the costs associated with them will be less burdensome for us.