>The outdoor wedding, reception and/or event

Posted By on Jun 26, 2011 |

>With the nicer weather approaching a topic that has come to the forefront is the Outdoor Wedding Reception (or event). An outdoor ceremony in and of itself can be quite trying but and entire outdoor reception, well that can be positively daunting. All the variables of an indoor reception are multiplied by quite a bit with an outdoor event so basically I am saying it is not for the faint of heart. For a certain cross section of people I would say it is a downright bad idea (This would be the person who absolutely, positively must have everything PERFECT with a loud capital period at the end). I am not saying it is impossible with proper planning to ensure a great outdoor wedding. Things to think of include these following.
1) Always check what the weather is generally like at that time of year. This may seem like common sense but common sense it not so common.
2) Know the area you are planning to have your reception. Make sure it has proper drainage, grooming and maintenance. Even if it doesn’t rain on the day of your reception damp weather can make a mess if the water does not drain quickly. Divots and holes in the turf can be unsightly or, if hidden, pose a risk for guests.
3) ALWAYS have a backup plan for the event. The weather does not play fair and though you have checked the previous 20 years and it has never rained or snowed on the day you have chosen it is better safe than sorry. Have a secondary site rented or, at the very least, have a tent rented for your guests to eat and dance under.
4)Make sure your guests are aware it is an outdoor reception/event. This will enable them to choose clothing appropriate to the situation. Trust me from someone who knows. Wearing a tux/suit in the hot sun is not that fun. Really.
5)If it is your own backyard or a family member/friends remember to talk to the neighbors about the possible noise and parking issues. The last thing you want is to have the police show up on your special day.
6)Check to see about legality of alcohol in an outside area.
7) Remember the event will need power for lighting and the disc jockey just to name a few things. Have the power figured out ahead of time. Extension cords and lighting should be thought out well beforehand.
8) Finally remember the placement of the disc jockey is somewhat important too. Most, if not all, DJ’s will have a clause in their contract stating you must provide shelter for him/her and his/her’s equipment. Also you want to have a spot set aside for people to dance and it is generally a good idea to situate it right near your disc jockey.

Well those are my thoughts for the moment! My best of wishes to all people getting married and I look forward to working with you soon!

DJ Greg Anderson, Professional Mobile Disc Jockey and Wedding Specialist