Sound Reinforcement Equipment


Primary speakers

Greg’s primary sound reinforcement equipment is the BOSE L1, Model 1 System.  In comparison to a conventional speaker the volume and tone diminish very slowly over distance with the L1.  Their unique construction makes for the most crisp and clean sound quality as only a BOSE can.

The BOSE L1s also have a very slight visual signature. They stand at a height of 84 inches yet are only 3.5 inches wide and 4 inches deep to help keep a clean look for your wedding or event. Many older DJ setups use either massive stacks of speakers or ugly tripods to boost the speakers up into the air and this can often clash with whatever look you have chosen for your wedding or event. Greg chose the BOSE L1s for their subtlety and elegance yet with an eye towards ensuring incredible sound quality for everyone he works with.

Greg’s music is fully digitized with multiple levels of backup to ensure the quality execution and completion of all events he is involved in.

All of his equipment is top end be it BOSE, Mackie, Audio-Technica or Behringer.