None of us would like to live with their parents or in a rented flat for the rest of their lives. Everyone dreams of becoming the owner of their own property, which allows them to be independent and to value their property. Unfortunately, both houses and flats have one big “flaw” – they are very expensive. Therefore, in order to become the owner of our own “four corners”, we must either save a long time or leave for some time to work abroad, or take a loan from a bank, thanks to which we will borrow money for the purchase or construction of real estate. However, in the latter case, we will need a large sum for the so-called “Own payment” and all fees associated with the transaction.

Can you save money to buy your own home or home, or at least to pay your own for a loan? Yes of course. Each time, it will involve some sacrifices (unless you earn really decent money), but it is very real. Anyway, every day people buy apartments or move into new homes, so they saved the money somehow.

When starting saving, we should first of all clearly define what our goal is, that is how much money we need. We also need to calculate how much time we want to have money at our disposal. Thanks to this, it’s easy to calculate how much each month of our payments should be postponed. Then, we should write down our income (monthly) and expenses on the card. The costs should be permanently divided (rent, bills, installments to banks, food, etc.) and variable (trips to restaurants, expenses for clothes, cosmetics, etc.) As is known, fixed costs are not likely to be discontinued, although we can limit them. Extinguishing unnecessary light bulbs, will reduce our electricity bills, shopping in the hypermarket will lower costs related to food expenses, etc. However, when it comes to “variable” costs, we have a full range of opportunities here. We can simply limit them. Instead of going to a restaurant every week, let’s do it every other day. Instead of ordering pizza home – let’s do it ourselves. And so you can calculate for a long time. Certainly when we follow these tips we will quickly notice that our expenses are systematically decreasing. For sure it will give us even more motivation to save and collect the desired amount.


In addition to saving, we can also try to increase our income. Maybe we’ll look for some extra work for a few hours over the weekend? Or maybe we will issue unnecessary clothes or other things from our house on auction portals? Thanks to this, there may be an extra sum on our account that we can spend on our apartment money.

Quite important is also “storing” our spared money. Of course, there is no point in keeping them at home, because they only lose value. The best and safest option will be to make a payment to your savings account (although here too the interest rate is not too high) or for a deposit. Thanks to this, they will not lose their value and will even be “slightly” multiplied.

Surely, saving is not easy – especially at the beginning. However, once it comes in “blood” it may turn out that it is not so scary at all. Especially when we finally collect the amount that we need and we can buy our own apartment or house.