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DJ Wedding Experience

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Moving forward with questions you should ask your wedding DJ, and just knowledge that is good to have, we touch on the number of weddings a disc jockey does in a given year.  Some companies will claim an almost unbelievable number in order to impress you.  The sheer number a company may, or may not, do is not the real reason for this question.  You ask this to find out how many per year the DJ who is going to work for YOU does.   This gives you a feel for how much of a wedding specialist he is.  If a DJ does 4 or 5 weddings per year it does...

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>On contracts and your DJ

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>Having a proper contract with the person responsible for helping make your wedding or event just right is imperative. A contract by definition is “An agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is written and enforceable by law“. It is a form that protects everyone involved with it’s signing. All of the terms of our service to you are spelled out and also on your side what your responsibilities are to us. If a disc jockey service would like you to book them without a properly signed contract that is a HUGE...

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>Wedding promptness

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>Another important question to ask your wedding or event disc jockey is “When will you be there to set up?”. It sounds innocuous but having the proper amount of time to set up our equipment and deal with any possible issues is important. As a professional mobile DJ with a focus on weddings I always arrive an hour and a half to two hours before any wedding I do with a similar time frame for any bigger event. This allows me the time to set up in an orderly and unrushed manner.

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>Overly talkative DJ’s

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>This is a point that I have heard various sides too over the years. Some people, they seem to be the minority, don’t mind and actively encourage their disc jockey to be as garrulous as can be at their wedding or event. Other people, seems to be the majority, want a DJ to talk only when needed and keep vocals to a minimum. Often people are somewhere in the middle too so there is not a black and white answer to this issue. My biggest concern with this as an issue are the DJ’s who decide unilaterally what they should do. As a...

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>Alcohol and Smoking and your disc jockey

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>A professional DJ will never consume alcohol or take cigarette breaks during your wedding. If while you are interviewing a DJ he or she tells you they need or like to have a few drinks to “loosen up” while working, you should probably look for a DJ with higher standards of professionalism. If he or she tells you they have to have a 5 or 10 minute cigarette break every hour you should, once again, perhaps look for someone with a little more of an idea what our responsibilities are.

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>Think of everyone who will be attending your wedding reception.

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This is just some thoughts on picking the music for your wedding reception. Why is this important? Because it if not done carefully you can end up with a lot of stuff no one will dance too. Before making your song choices, I suggest looking over your guest list and consider who will be attending and who is likely to dance. Early on in the reception, I recommend playing wedding reception dance music that will appeal to as many of your guests as possible. Get that dance floor packed early. Once that happens your dj will have more leeway to play...

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>Dinner Music – Some thoughts

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>The music to be played during the cocktail hour and dinner should be discussed ahead of time. The focus should be on the food and pleasant conversation. Music should be a background feature that enhances but doesn’t overwhelm, which is why most couples select a variety of easy listening or jazz pieces for the dinner interlude though this is not written in stone and other musical styles can be used. A good blend is to play three selections from one generation grouped together, then move on to three from another era and so on; it makes the...

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>Incredible Satisfaction

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>Another GREAT wedding this last weekend with Mr and Mrs Matt and Jessie Hubert! What a crowd and what a party! One of the best moments was when 6 year old Jake wanted a rock and roll song and him and I picked him one and I dedicated it to him. He was vibrating to “Shook Me All Night Long”! Great time.

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>The outdoor wedding, reception and/or event

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>With the nicer weather approaching a topic that has come to the forefront is the Outdoor Wedding Reception (or event). An outdoor ceremony in and of itself can be quite trying but and entire outdoor reception, well that can be positively daunting. All the variables of an indoor reception are multiplied by quite a bit with an outdoor event so basically I am saying it is not for the faint of heart. For a certain cross section of people I would say it is a downright bad idea (This would be the person who absolutely, positively must have...

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>Great summer

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>So far this year has been excellent! The weddings, parties and occasional benefits have all been exceptional. It really makes you appreciate what you do when you KNOW it makes people happy.

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