DJ Wedding Experience

Posted By on Aug 3, 2012 |

Moving forward with questions you should ask your wedding DJ, and just knowledge that is good to have, we touch on the number of weddings a disc jockey does in a given year.  Some companies will claim an almost unbelievable number in order to impress you.  The sheer number a company may, or may not, do is not the real reason for this question.  You ask this to find out how many per year the DJ who is going to work for YOU does.   This gives you a feel for how much of a wedding specialist he is.  If a DJ does 4 or 5 weddings per year it does not mean he is a bad DJ but he may not be the one you want to trust with your special day.   A wedding reception takes alot of planning and orchestration to ensure it is as elegant, fun and memorable as you deserve it to be.