>Dinner Music – Some thoughts

Posted By on Sep 30, 2011 |

>The music to be played during the cocktail hour and dinner should be discussed ahead of time. The focus should be on the food and pleasant conversation. Music should be a background feature that enhances but doesn’t overwhelm, which is why most couples select a variety of easy listening or jazz pieces for the dinner interlude though this is not written in stone and other musical styles can be used.

A good blend is to play three selections from one generation grouped together, then move on to three from another era and so on; it makes the transition less jarring and gives everyone a chance to really enjoy “their” music. In most cases, vocal music is played, but if you are having an extremely formal black tie affair you may want to opt for instrumental music only and steer toward classical or instrumental jazz music.

The key to successful background music during dinner is volume control. The DJ should have a clear understanding of what you expect. The music should be loud enough to provide some atmosphere, but should not make conversation at each table difficult. If people at each table need to shout at each other to be heard, the music is too loud.